Reorder Blynk tabs

I find the tabs a nice function, but a real pain if you want to change the order or delete one that isn’t the last.
For instance I wanted to delete the first tab,

  • I have to delete all widgets on first tab
  • Create same widgets from tab 2 to tab 1
  • Add all the same values and hope the pin’s don’t clash
  • repeat for tab 2, 3 …
  • Rename all tabs

Why can’t you just drag and reorder in the tab settings and delete any of them and not just the last?


We have plans for better UX of tabs (including tabs reordering), but they are postponed to later releases.


Thanks for your reply. Great news. I look forward to it

Swiping right or left to change the courrent tab would be great,

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another vote for being able to reorder and remove tabs.

When on finds one needs tabs, it is often because the screen is full, typically due to a lot of widgets. Having to move those to other tabs is tedious and error prone.

Swiping away an empty tab would be a nice way to delete it.
Reorder like we can do for menu entries would be excellent.

A good design approach is this: As soon as one can create an object, make a way to remove it. It enables easier testing too!

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Closing topic as topic is old, issue already in Roadmap and Blynk 2.0 is on the way. No more need for redundant posts