Remove a tab (Android APP)

I can’t delete a tab in my project. The notice indicates that it could be remove by swipping left on the last tab name by it does not work for me. Could you help me please ?
Another point, i would like to be able to change the order of the tabs but i think that this action is not possible with actual tab widget ?

Thank for all details :slight_smile:

Tabs can’t be re-ordered in the Android version of the app.

You should be able to delete the last tab in the list by swiping left, until there just one tab left. If you want to delete the last tab then the tabs widget has to be deleted.


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Ok thanks a lot.
That’s right ! With three tabs, swipe works on third tab, for second i had to delete the tab widget to have no more tabs at all.
Have you planned an improvement to reorder tabs ? That will be convenient.

Apparently there will be no new features developed for the current version of Blynk, as the developers are focussing on Blynk 2.0
Once version 2.0 is released then the current version will be supported (bug fixes) but no new development.