Remote controlled robot using wifi with video and audio stream

Hello, I am trying to create a robot that can be controlled from a different part of the world, that robot will also have to stream video and audio when commanded to. Can that be done using Blynk? How many microcontrollers would that need?? I have a code that makes the robot move using Blynk locally using esp8266, but I know video and audio streaming will not work on that.

                     ,Thank you.

Yes, but you will need to make your aid in/video stream accessible via a publicly resolvable url, using port-forwarding and a DDNS service if you don’t have a static public IP address.

That’s impossible to say, based on the virtually non-existent detail that you’ve provided. It might be possible with a single ESP32 CAM module.

It also depends if you want to stream the AV to just the app, or to the web console as well.


I want the robot to be controlled and stream audio and video, while also capturing audio and video from across the world. I already have an nodmcu controlled robot but they have to be connected to the same wifi and I want to add on that. How should I go about with this?? or at least how should i search for this i’ve tried writing “remotely controlled nodemmcu robot on Blynk” but all the results I get are related to actual remotes (as in tv remote controls), i’ve also tried several other search methods but haven’t reached any resources on the matter.

Other than adding this requirement, you’ve pretty-much just repeated the information from your first post and not really answered my previous questions

The Blynk app has no method of capturing Audio/Video, the video stream widget simply streams the AV data, so maybe Blynk isn’t the best solution.

If you search this forum for the word “rover” and in particular posts by @Gunner, you’ll find some Blynk Legacy projects that could be used as the basis for Blynk IoT projects - but you’ll need good Blynk IoT knowledge and C++ programming skills - as well as good electronic and mechanical skills - to get this working.
Adding the video stream from an ESP32CAM board, or Raspberry Pi with camera module, would allow your initial requirements to be met - provided you take on board my comments about Port Forwarding and DDNS, but won’t resolve your new requirement for AV playback.


I’m not really sure what your questions mean or if i’m following them correctly. If you could put them in question format it would be easier to identify them. I want to just stream the video to one person as if it’s a video call, you can actually say it is exactly a video call. Also, how would I acquire an AV playback? and any suggestions for how I might go about with this project if not by Blynk.

I’m not going to keep providing more information unless you provide significantly more information about exactly what it is that you’re trying to achieve.

It sounds to me as though you’d be better going for an off the shelf CCTV camera which allows live view and either SD card or cloud storage for playback.
You wouldn’t be able to access the playback features via Blynk though.


You aren’t really asking anything… I have no idea what info you are trying to extract out of me. I am an intern trying to help with a project, so I might not be able to answer what you are asking because of a lack of knowledge and not an unwillingness to do so. Nevertheless, you also did not do as I asked which is phrase your questions in question for. So, I have no idea what you are asking exactly.

Don’t worry about it, I’ll take a step back from this discussion and let some other community members donate their time to your project instead.


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