Remote Control for fischertechnik Models

What not leverage modern IoT tools to command and control a fischertechnik model? fischertechnik is a German building system with a micro-controller similar to Lego Technics and Lego Mindstorms.

I’ve explored two versions:

  • WiFi-based smartWiFi with a local server for shorter latency, but power consumption peaks at 350 mA.
  • BLE-based smartBLE for low power and no server needed.

The device is cased into a compact red box and connected through I²C to the main controller. Any iOS- and Android-based device acts as a remote.

The human-machine interface is designed on the smartphone or tablet, and the fischertechnik controller programmed accordingly to send to and receive from the corresponding pins, or even print some text.

I only wish I could use the interface in landscape mode and leverage the larger screen of a tablet.

@Avenue33 Hi, can you share basic code of your project?

hello! what ble module did you use? it is working stable? i tried to use hm-10 and hc-05 modules bought from ali express, but had a lot of problems, could not make them to work.

I am interested in to this part can’t figure out how?

sorry, i do not understand your question. what app is that?

I’m using a CC3100 and provisioning is carried out by the app provided by Texas Instruments.

Modern WiFi devices features automatic provisioning, like the SmartConfig for the CC3100 and CC3200 WiFi radios.

For the first connection, an Android or iOS app looks for the WiFi radio, configures the device automatically and saves that configuration. Subsequent connections use the previously saved configuration.

The app is available for Android and iOS.

I’m using a standard nRF BLE module and it works fine.

can you please send me a link where can i buy one?

Which app is that? (not blynk right)

@speed57 or

guys, can you please recommend a tested and stable ble module for arduino? a link to a product page, what to buy and where to buy, to avoid fakes. i had a very bad experience with some chinese ble modules, so i’m not sure what i should buy…


As said before,

nRF = Nordic Semiconductor
e.g. nRF51822, nRF8001

@Costas Thank you!

ok, now i know what model to try.