with local server vs port forwarding

Just wondering if anyone has worked with or something similar before? looking at options for accessing my local server with out the need for port forwarding.

Also it should be noted i have no access to my router.


Not sure what you’re asking. appears to be a management solution for mass devices, but you’re question appears to be more firewall/port related to your local server. could you elaborate?

Very simply, no, if you do not have access to your router, you will not be able to do it. You could always find a hosting service, and should probably consider it if you are going to use a mass device mgmt system like

to put it simply, i’m just looking for a method to connect to my local server at uni, so i can monitor/control my project while not on site. The wifi available is Eduroam (free uni wifi) and so far i can find any options/paths to investigate.

as i write this, i guess one method would be house the local server off site.

not sure what flavor of server we’re using… but we are on a blink forum… maybe add a new blynk client / device / js / or script to do the reporting for you :slight_smile:

edit : send it to the blynk cloud.

Hey so i went a head and installed (its free for personl use). Then i set up a generic TCP connection at port 9443. then using the external ip/port provided by i have managed to gain access to my local server and pi without the need for port forwarding at the router.

seems pretty good so far, just at work at the moment but will check to see how much of a delay there is tonight/stability of the service.

Absolutely loving blynk at the moment

Edit: I have had to station my local serve off site still. I cant figure out a work around to over come Eduroam. but if i can connect to my phone via Eduroam and thus my local server off site i can see why i wouldn’t be able to connect my WiFi enabled boards to Eduroam and send back info to my local server. (when the mail man delivers them)… the only down side i do see, if my internet goes down i will lose control/data logging