Relays turn on when Blynk starts



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void loop()


yes because pin are at low state


Thanks. Sorry for the screwed up post. This was my first attempt to post a topic and fouled it up.

Raspberry Pi Zero w
2 channel relays
Android (Samsung Galaxy)

As for my project, apparently the problem was the wiringPi installation. My relays checked out in good working order when I would run a simple script to turn them on and off. However, with Blynk installed they would turn on whenever Blynk started. So…

I started over with a fresh copy of Raspbian Stretch and followed the video to install Node.js. Everything is working OK now. I edited the rc.local file to have Blynk start whenever the Pi boots up (or reboots if a power interruption occurs).

My project is a simple garage door opener with only one button required to momentarily trigger the opener. I have the relay wired to the contacts for the push button on the wall. My daughters remotes don’t work and they have tried others also. Neither does the keypad on the outside. A guy looked it over and finally determined that the circuit board must be bad (or he just doesn’t know any better). This little project should get them going until they decide to fork over the money for a new opener.