Regarding new BLYNK update

In order to use all feature provided by blank do iI need do update the library to what version
Beacuse iI always see problems with library

Yes the Announcements page for the Android sensors is quite clear that you need the latest server (0.19.0).

@Costas 0.3.10 is this the latest one ?

please some one tell how should i install new blynk server so i can access all features
i have downloaded the zip file from

then what to do ???/

That is the latest official release. At present there have been 63 commits since the latest release and some of them are to include example(s) for the sensors and possibly a tweak or two for the GPS. But basically 0.3.10 should have pretty much everything you need.

hie @Dave1829
how can i help you ?

i dont see example of gps proximity and other stuff

It is covered on this site and on the Github but it will depend which OS you are using.
Take care or you could lose everything.

please click on the link in my post, type “BLYNK LOCAL SERVER” in the search box and press the search button…

Do you mean examples in the IDE or in the app?
The example for the IDE covers just GPS streaming and is located at
It is in the master branch but not the latest release.

Help files for all sensors are in the app but I believe there are 2 version 1.16.4’s. Ensure you have the latest one. For me a desktop browser will not give me the 2nd version of the app from Google Play but the Smartphone direct is OK. Sometimes it is just a timing or cache issue with desktop browsers and eventually the latest version turns up.

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I must agree a bit here with @scientist1995. The lack of proper examples when launching such widget is frustrating. I’d rather wait a couple days and have some proper examples than frustrate myself with non-working stuff. Documentation is really important but it’s lacking in 99% of the IT environments (we see that here at work too). It annoys the #### out of me to be honest.

We try to make things so obvious, that it doesn’t require explicit docs :star:
But sure, everything is documented eventually.

Obvious is a keyword of course, but with widgets like the new GPS it’s just impossible to grasp without some form of documentation.

But we have docs, and we have examples.
Quality can always be improved, some changes are on the way :wink:
Many widgets are beta, so you can share your experience!

I will share my experience, that’s for sure :smiley:

But the other day the widgets were al ready released without anything of docs or examples, so that’s a bit troublesome (even for me, LOL).