Refresh required after opening Blynk 2.0 app

When opening app on my phone the buttons are not at the correct state(on/off) and the gauge is not at the correct value. If I refesh the screen by swiping down the information updates. I do not recall having to do this in the past.

Blynk 2.0 version 1.6.3
Android version 13

Thanks Paul

hi, do you mean opening the app from the background (not a fresh start)? Is it showing progress bar of reconnection to the server?

If possible - please reproduce and send logs (About → Send Logs → Select Gmail → Send)


Opening the app fresh start. I do not see a progress bar. Example: I use Blynk as front end to Node-Red to control security camera, on at dusk off at sunrise. If I open Blynk app 2.0 fresh start after sunrise my camera button will be in the on state. If I refesh by swipping down the camera button will go to the off state. I will send logs.

Thanks for the reply

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Any update on this issue, I did send the logs.




Please update your app to last version 1.6.4. And try to check the changes.