Red Bear BLE Nano

I note that BLE Nano appears in the library .h files but not in the Android or iOS apps yet.

I can build a Blynk app for a BLE Nano using Arduino IDE and it seems to download to the board and appear in BLE monitor apps when I use a smartphone to scan.

So I’m wondering if I can select a different kind of BLE board in the Blynk app or whether I need to wait until BLE Nano support appears in the app for Android or iOS.


BLE Nano should appear in the BLE widget list, if the sketch was uploaded…
It’s only in the master branch - so always use the latest!

Thanks, that worked, I didn’t understand about the BLE widget, in fact I still don’t really get it …
I chose a generic board and added the BLE widget, then chose the board in there …
Why is it that way around rather than just choosing the board at the start?

So, is the issue solved?
RBL BLE Nano will appear in board selection soon.
But look - this is just the board type. The BLE connection is set up through the widget.
Hope this makes sense.