Reconnection problem when the power goes out

What is the best way to avoid a breakdown in your opinion?

Sorry, I don’t understand any of that.

It depends what’s causing the “breakdown”.

On the subject of timers, you need to understand the capabilities of BlynkTimer and the fact that you need to avoid timers that coincide at the same point in time. You are using a single threaded MCU that can only execute one code instruction at one time. You also need to understand how long each of your functions takes to execute, so you can stagger your timers accordingly. You should probably read this…,


Thank you but the crash only happens in blynk edgen

Blynk Edgent has more functionality, so may be less forgiving of bad coding.


Please is the void loop save with the code in
I thought blynk want clean void loop ?
I want to known please

@Bright_Adinkra you should keep your void loop clean as possible for a good reason, check this out :

Yes but you’ve put code there

You mean and ?

You post 4days ago telling the guy “try this”

Which you did some Checking WiFi connection in the void loop

Incase you didn’t notice we used if statement, so the code will check the internet connection first and If you are not connected then the offline mode will be activated.