Reconnecting Arduino Uno with ESP-01

Hello everyone .

Dear ones, I wanted to bring my problem to your attention, after reading several posts in this community. What happens to me is very strange, because once loaded the sketch example on Arduino UNO and set AT of esp8266 with Baud at 9600, he connects regularly, but after a few minutes the connection drops and reconnects as you can see from the attached image . Has anyone happened to this and how did they solve it ?
Thank you so much for your attention.

You may also have noticed while searching that not many are using the same hardware that you are so not many will be able to help you… however please post your code and I’ll see if any issue jumps out at me.

Is your device close to your router, or could it be suffering from poor Wi-Fi signal strength?

Are you certain that you have no dropouts on your internet connection?


Yes the device is close to the router and there are no voltage drops, the ESP-01 device is powered separately with a dedicated 1A voltage regulator. I don’t know why this happens.

When I said…

I wasn’t referring to voltage drops, I was talking about whether your routers WAN connection is consistent.


Is this using custom code or example code? If it’s custom code, make sure Is your main loop clean. You should have very little in there besides the call to Avoiding calling delay function in your main loop? If it’s custom code, post your code might help us see if there’s any obvious problems in there.