Recommend temp sensor for esp8266 deep sleep

Hi friends. I want to build a device to monitoring temperature with esp8266 in deep sleep mode. This device must be stay on battery for 1 year. My question is which temperature sensor is good for this project? and how many battery mAh recommended to stay for 1 year?


Try BME280 & not sure how much power u need to stay on for a year :yum:… Maybe you can use solar panel to keep your project up and running for a long period. Are you planning to send your project to Mars or something?? :joy::joy::joy:

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Thanks for reply. this sensor must be installed in the core of a material not sending to the mars :joy:

Using a ESP01 with lowpowermode hack (deepsleep and removed the ON led), with a DS18B20 and 2xAA, sending temp every 15 mins it can works for almost 6 months… you can also remove the blue led…

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thanks. is any example for blynk how to set sleep time ? for example wakeup mcu every 10 min.


There’s quite a few threads about deep sleep, but this one has lots useful info.

I’ve not re-read it, but I recall that there’s a way to hack the library to get faster connections to the Blynk server, as there’s a 5 second delay if you don’t. Not sure if this applies to the latest versions of the library.

An alternative is to use the API to do updates, which has been discussed a few times.

The YouTube channel by “the guy with the Swiss accent” (Andreas Spiess) has a couple of videos where he’s done test on various ESP8266 and ESP32 boards to check power consumption and how well they lend themselves to low power situations.