Rebooting a system that worked with the old Blynk

Hello everyone, I haven’t been here in a while. Is there any change in the basic Blynk / FREE ? In the old system we had the blinds set for autonomous operation which worked perfectly, after switching to the new BLYNK, it all stopped. Thank you all for the information, advice, if it is possible to run autonomous operation again in the FREE version. Thank you all for your help, I would like to revive the whole system again.

Honza Sebestu

When you say “Old Blynk” I guess you mean what we’re now referring to as Blynk Legacy, where you bought “Energy” to give you access to more widgets?

“New Blynk” is very different and instead of Energy there are various subscription levels, including a free one,

I can’t quite work-out if youre talking about Automations here, which are similar t6o Eventor in the Android version of Blynk Legacy.
If so then yes, you have access to automations in the free version of Blynk IoT. You can have up to 5 automations, with 5 actions per automation in the free version.

More info here…


Hello, thank you for your reply…

It is a system NODEmcu v3 , ESP8266 ,,

This system worked flawlessly for me until BLYNK discontinued support… so given that I have not been with BLYNK for a while , I wonder if something has changed and I could control this system again…

Source code… : Zásilka z 22. února - Posí

Thanks for the support and help… just going back to asking if Blynk has already released the management feature as it has been in the past.

Sebestu Jan

I am sorry that this system worked so perfectly… and now it is out of order, I have to operate all the windows in the house manually…

Personally, I don’t download unknown files from unknown sources onto my PC.
If you want me to take a look at the code then post it here, correctly formatted with triple backticks as explained when you created the topic.

This post contains information about migrating from B;ynk Legacy to Blynk IoT…


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