Rearrange devices in the main page


I have added 6 devices few are just for testing the reliability of the devices (code running without crashing or frequent disconnects)

And couple of devices are connected to light n fan for daily use.

Even though they are all automated n does not need human intervention, sometimes when i open the app the devices are/may be at the top/bottom/in between.

So my suggestion is to PIN :pushpin: the devices to the top of the main page. Or move the device template to the required position like we do with our widget placements.

Currently there are :
First added
Last added

But on times these options may not bring the required device at the desired location on the page.

By letting us rearrange the devices, we can actually arrange the devices on priority or based on plan of our home.

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you can work around by adding a number before the name of the device and sort by A to Z

Walk around

Yes, this feature is in the roadmap.


Could you also able to reduce the size of the devices buttons on the main screen.
I need to have multiple devices and prefer not to have to scroll.

Add the ability to hide devices! or add the ability to group them in app. for example, family members have access to all devices, but each mainly uses their own. to prevent accidental control.
p.s. Ideally, of course, it is possible to group devices, as is done in xiaomi Ap, yandex smart home (alisa) … For example: Kitchen, bedroom, nursery, country house …

Features on the roadmap:

  1. more compact tiles
  2. rearrangement of tiles
  3. grouping is currently only available in Business Plan, but we will add it to public version
  4. Shared devices - should be ready by the end of this year

Unfortunately, can’t share all the delivery dates as situation is fluid.


May I ask how things are progressing in this direction?