Realtime Chart FAST draw

I am using SuperChart but my application reads many … 10+ analogue reads per seconds that I want to draw in SuperChart. The “Live” feed in SuperChart is too slow and…anyway I can get it to redraw faster ?

To illustrate - example below shows SuperChart vs Arduino Serial Plotter.

See here…

if its a simple tweak then it would be a nice feature to get such a real-time high(er) frequency refresh from SuperChart for Android and iOS Blynk App.

I don’t recall any mention of a simple tweak? Did I miss it?

The way I see it is that the screen isn’t big enough to make any use of faster data reading anyhow, probably not even in landscape. 10 reads a second would try to cram 300 signal points into the same screen real estate… not to mention scroll by so fast you wouldn’t even be able to make sense of it.

But as you already have shown, you can export the data to a medium that makes reading higher resolution possible, so why bother on such a small display?

Anyhow, your question was how… but it appears the answer is “not an option”, sorry.

I don’t think Blynk (or any other IOT platform) was ever intended to use that way. For fast data transfers there are direct displays, direct storage solutions.

fair enough.
I was thinking similar refresh rates and resolutions as the Serial Plotter on Arduino IDE would be possible on smart phones these days…especially given the high resolution capabilities of smartphones.

@mars what would be an affordable monthly fee you’d be eager to pay for such speed and amount of data storage?

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Oh, they are… my daily driver is 4K resolution… but even in landscape the screen is still only 7cm X 14cm. Doable, but feasible? Who knows.

not sure - $1-$2 dollars per month if using Blynk cloud - does that sound fair ?
However could prototype it free on local server configs.