Realtek AMB82-Mini IoT AI Camera


Can I connect an AMB82-MINI to Blynk IoT? Is it supported?

I will be using the AMB82-MINI with its built-in object detection. I need to stream the live video with bounding boxes from the object detection captured from the AMB82-MINI from the Blynk IoT.

I saw that Realtek RTL8710 is supported (i don’t understand how yet), but this board has RTL8735B.

Also, this board uses RTSP as the streaming protocol.

Is it possible to do this?

I think there are two separate questions here.

The Blynk Video Streaming widget can display a video stream from any device, provided it’s in an appropriate format.
I use the Video Streaming widget to display an RTSP video feed from a Reolink CCTV camera for example. That camera knows nothing about Blynk, it’s simply outputting a video stream and I’m viewing that via the app. Of course, I have no control over the video camera from the app, so I can’t do PTZ etc from the widget.

To view the video stream it needs to be accessible on a publicly resolvable URL, which means opening-up the relevant port on your router and adding port-forwarding rules to allow two-way communication with the camera from outside the network.
Also, if you don’t have a static public IP address then you’ll need to use a DDNS service and run a DDNS update client from somewhere within your network.

If these “bounding boxes” are part of the RTSP video stream then I guess that will work okay, assuming that the video stream is in a format that is useable by the app.

The other part of the question seems to be about whether you can connect the AMB82-Mini to Blynk as a device, presumably using the C++ library. I don’t know the answer to that, but as I said earlier that’s not necessary to allow video streaming.
What aspects of the board do you want to control via the Blynk app?