Reading from Terminal with RESTful API part 2


After updating to version 2.18.0 the Terminal widget is still unusable thru the RESTFUL api.

The problems I have found:

  1. Unable tor read from Terminal: normally it returns just nothing. Sometimes (can’t find a pattern) it returns a previous entry. No matter if I wrote 20 strings since then, it seems that the return string stuck.

  2. Unable to read the user input line: related to the first item, I just like to emphasise that the input line is completely useless if you want to use the RESTful API. I was never able to read it, not even randomly

  3. First write doesnt show up on the widget: on a newly place terminal widget the first string always appear only after I have sent a second string

  4. Strings sent to the terminal appears twice, trice etc: for a while (couple dozens of writings) it seems working fine and then sent strings start appearing twice or trice

  5. Terminal loses content: after resizing the widget it lose its contents. Actually you dont even need to resize, just do a long tap like if you would like to move and then its empty after you restart your project (I guess not related to the RESTful api)

  6. Sometimes the widget simply stops receiving messages: I am not sure, maybe I have flooded it, but no matter what it does not display new messages anymore. No matter if I assign a different Virutal pin, or if I remove the widget and place a new. The only way to start seeing messages again if I create a new project.

  7. On dark theme the widget starts up with black text, so you see nothing. I need to set the text color to white manually. (also not an issue with the RESTful API)

I think that the part which receives the messages on the server side could work fine and this might be a displaying issue only. I’m saying this because once I start seeing the duplicately displayed items I could stop and restart my project on my cell phone (not Blynk itself, just the project). If I restart it lets say 10 times I see that sometimes the terminal widget shows duplicate entries sometime it shows what it supposed to show.

As the terminal widget is the only one what can be used for text input from the cell phone side, I believe these issues are really showstoppers at least for people like me who want to use http requests to communicate with blynk.

let me know your thoughts,

my current project (with a non responding terminal): 3bf5750c890d44cbbc25f61011a87937

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Any update on these?

@istvanb I’ve just tested RESTful api to work with Terminal widget and it seems to be working fine. In fact, I’ve updated your Terminal widget with a couple of test strings and can easily get them back via

hmm… thats really interesting. I will try retesting my implementation in the next couple days. Thanks for the feedback though, I will update this topic once I have news.