Reading a slider value that has not changed

G’day and Merry Christmas,
Is there a function that can be called in main loop to get the value of a slider(V2).
The widget value changes when the slider is moved, but BLYNK_WRITE(V2) is sometimes not called!
So what I want to do is read V2 and confirm that it’s the same value as the the last BLYNK_WRITE(V2) found.
Had a look at BLYNK_READ (in docs) but not sure how to envoke it from the main loop.
I sort of want a Blynk.virtualRead() function, that can be called from main().

@OzGrant Merry Christmas to you too.

It can be done with sync and virtualWrite. You start with a known value for the slider i.e. on system restart and read and write the value from and to the server.

G’day again,
Will have to keep on reading the DOC. That way may not ask a newbee question again(then again)
Tks for your solution.

Hi. i was searching the same thing. Did u manage to handle it?