Re-ordering blynk projects

I currently have 4 Blynk projects that I use but mainly the first and last one. My simple question: is there any way to change the order of the projects in Blynk so that I do not have to continually scroll through 4 screens to switch between the 2 I need?

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No and when you have even more projects it gets worse.

This feature is in the list and will be done once. Unfortunately, not soon, due to other priorities like Bluetooth for example

hi, any updates to this? I’ve got 10 projects and I’d love to be able to change the order.



Please please can we get an update on this? I also would love to re-order my projects

Is this possible yet?

And how about now?? Is this so impossible to achieve?

No :smile:

The current version of Blynk is in “maintenance and bug fix only” status. All development resources are going towards supporting paying customers and on the new version of Blynk.
I doubt very much whether you’ll see this change in the current version.

Have you tried cloning the projects and importing them in the correct order?


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I see. Thank you for fast response and hint about cloning. I will try that.
Thanks again. Regards!