RaspberryPi 3 / get started

Hi there,
I’m a newbee and very ashamed to ask you at my first steps. But I’m working now for more than a day unfortunatly with no success.
I’m getting issues at both ends:

  • blynk-App: only a button-widget, Device RPi 3 B, Ethernet
    => issue: Wasn’t online yet
  • RPi3: installed packages as recommended, blynk-client
    => OnOff mode -> Cnnecting to blynk-cloud.com 8441 -> (ERROR: connect ECONNREFUSED …
    => ping blynk-cloud.com o.k.
    Maybe the RPi is caused by the App-Error. But when I logged out and logged in again, the issue remains. Same if I do that on my Smartphone (Tablet and Smartphone Android 5.)
    Beeing helpless
    Thank you so much

Port 8441 is no longer used.

For SSL it is now 9443 and 80 without SSL.

Change to 9443 with details at Blynk server down - Belgium

Thank so much for the immediate answer,
but how should I get the “Wasn’t online yet” report removed. If I create a new App with another device the report still is remaining. Isn’t it neccessary that the App is first online and second the device meats a contact?

Device needs to be online (to port 9443 when using SSL) and then the app will automatically connect to it.

Ay, thank you so much, connection is now working perfectly