Raspberry running out of space


Today when trying VNC to my Pi 3, I got an error saying “failed to fork cannot allocate memory”.
After some research, I found out that the Pi is running out of space

The Pi had 32GB SD with only Blynk on it, what take up all the space and how to clean those up?

Please help.


You didn’t mention what type of Blynk you are using… a Client or Local Server? if Local Server, then it will probably be all the data built up over time.

Just remove whatever historical data you no longer want from your data folder.

Perhaps there are even too many backups in your backup folder.

My RPi folder structure for Blynk is as such… you will have to determine your own.

I’m using local blynk server version 0.39.4

There is less than 1KB for the data history.

Where is is the rest of 27GB go?

From second image on my first post, it show 21GB usage but I don’t see anything on that folder.

Any other thought where to look for or how to gain back the space?

Well, regardless of the “thing” using your data… the question on how to resolve it is more Linux specific than Blynk specific.

I Googled for about 15 seconds and found this…


Run it from /

For example on my 8GB Netbook, running Mint GUI and my Blynk Server (now including my Blynk image storage/server, all under the /home sub-folder) …


Not sure how accurate, or if I was running it correct… as my system keeps telling me (for the last year+ :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ) that I usually have less then 10MB free space… yet it just keeps on working :thinking:


@key did you install postgres for Blynk? Do you use it somehow? You can just turn off DB is you don’t really need need and remove all DB storage.

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maybe you need to extended the full size of SD card see here

try sudo apt-get clean and sudo apt-get autoremove

already tried to do all the clean and all I can get is only 1.2GB free storage out of 32GB.

The Pi crashed when trying to extend the partition.

I end up rebuild my Pi with Raspbian (instead of NOOBS) and Blynk then restore the Blynk data back. My Pi now had 30GB of free storage :slight_smile:

Thank you all your your input.

Ahhh, that would have been good to know up front :stuck_out_tongue: That is like a multi-boot solution, so only a fraction of total space available per “OS”