Raspberry Pi , SMS Messages

Hey there , i have been working on a smart fire alarm project , the project contains NodeMCU ESP 8266 , MQ-135 Gas Sensor , DHT 11 Humidity&Temperature Sensor and Flame Sensor .
It’s supposed to integrate all those components and send them to Blynk GUI and through the automations i’ve created i should get notified whenever an event is triggered , i have created those automations successfully and i only need to be able to send an sms message to the desired phone number in case of disconnected mobile phones (Internet) so if can anyone please assist me with this
Also my project should contain the rapsberry pi i want to be able to send all the readings through the raspberry pi (Acting as a broker) before been presented on Blynk(By providing Broker’s IP address) GUI so , is this even possible ?

Are you using the api as a local Legacy Blynk server, or as an MQTT broker?

This seems like an odd project brief. Is it a school/college project?


College Project yes , i was using it as an MQTT broker

can it be still used as a local legacy Blynk Server bec i can’t create an account on blynk legacy , if there’s such a way it would be so much helping .

It can be used as a legacy local server too.
Creating a legacy cloud account is no longer possible.
In addition, the Legacy app will be removed from the app/play stores at the end of this month, so direct new installations will no longer be possible after that date, although existing installations of the app will continue to function, and side-loading will be possible on Android devices.
Also, the current legacy app available in the app/play stores prevents new account creation on a local server, but there are workarounds for this, or you could use an earlier version of the app which was released before new account creation was stopped.

You may be better using a Blynk IoT account instead.

Sending an SMS from the legacy local server is theoretically possible, via a broker service, but I’ve never tried it.

I’m not sure if SMS is possible from Blynk IoT, I don’t think it’s possible yet.

You’ll need to be running Node-Red on your Pi anyway, to allow communication with either your local server or IoT cloud server, and sensing an SMS from there is straightforward, provided you have access to an SMS gateway - which usually needs a subscription.
However, if the internet at the location where the Pi is installed fails then you won’t be able to send data, alerts or SMS messages to a phone.
The only workaround for that would be a device with a SIM card that is connected to your Pi - either directly or indirectly - that could be used to send an SMS.

You should probably start by reading this about using Node-Red with Blynk…