Raspberry pi serial connected to serial device

Hi All
New here, so if I misstep on the protocol, please forgive me…I’ll get it right.

I have a raspberry pi 2 Model B V1.4, running Raspbian OS.

The serial port console has been disabled, and a serial port adapter has been added to connect to a serial device. The serial device is a motor controller and receives it’s commands via the serial port. Works fine, but would like to try it with Blynk.

The smartphone I have (Samsung J1) has successfully been set up and working with Blynk.

Now…to the heart of the matter…

I would like to connect the Samsung phone to the Pi and send commands to the motor controller using Blynk

Has anybody done the above yet, and if so, can I see some examples of how you did it?

Seems a simple enough problem, but I have no idea where to begin.

Thanks and best regards
p.s. love the Blynk concept

I would recommend you trying Blynk Node.js library and making a virtual pin to send correct commands to the motor controller via serial (/dev/ttyUSB*)…