Raspberry pi protection

i have a local server on raspberry pi 3 B and a Toshiba 32GB as SD Card :
How can i protect from SD Card and Raspberry to any change by others (i.e. restrict the SD Card to copy)?or for example lock raspberry pi screen immediately after boot or any idea …?

Change the default Pi password and then others can’t mess with your system.

It wouldn’t stop them copying your card though but if they don’t have your password they wouldn’t get very far with the cloned card.

if i set a password so every time that rasspbian will be log on, it required the pass so imagine that want to close source after all setting on raspberry and don’t have any pass on log on and server starting cause starting server need the pass.

anyway SD Card can be Clone and Use …

Haven’t got a clue what that means.

If you are asking does the local Blynk server need your login password the answer is no.

Not sure how this is a Blynk related question… just simply lock it in a secure case and/or secure location.