Raspberry pi in the new Blynk

Hello, is it still possible to use the Raspberry Pis devices in the new Blynk setup?

Hey there, here’s blynk supported devices

Ok, I have tried tonight and I’m getting and error code when the Raspberry Pi tries to connect to the Blynk server.

Connecting to: blynk-cloud.com 443
SSL authorization…
SSL not authorized

I followed the guide on,
Blynk + JavaScript in 20 Minutes [Raspberry Pi, Edison, Espruino …] : 3 Steps - Instructables

Thanks, Adam

By the way, this is blynk legacy server, the new blynk server is blynk.cloud.

Ok, Is it possible to use the Edgent setup with the Raspberry Pis yet? I was able to setup a ESP8266 with it last night an the Edgent setup is very nice.

Thanks, Adam

No. Edgent is a C++ sketch and i doubt very much if it will ever be ported to NodeJS or Python.

Personally, I think the Pi is a very poor choice of platform for a Blynk client, as it requires an OS on an SD card (which will die or become corrupted over time) and they are slow to boot.
Most people use ESP9266 or ESP32 devices programmed with C++ unless that have a specific hardware or programming requirement that can’t be met with these devices.


If you would like to use the raspberry pi with blynk, I recommend you to try Node-RED.


I use Node-Red and MQTT with all my client devices, but I still don’t use a Pi as a client device (they do make excellent Node-Red and MQTT servers though). It does mean using Blynk in a significantly different way though, which doesn’t suit everyone or every scenario.


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