Raspberry Pi as local Blynk server and as controlled device

Can I use Raspberry Pi as localBlynk server and as controlled device as well?
So, it has to be controlled from same local server.

Yes, a Pi can be a client and a server at the same time.

Personally I prefer to keep my clients as devices that run C++, such as Wemos D1 Mini’s, NodeMCUs or ESP32s as I think the C++ libraries are more mature and there’s a much larger user base to help out with issues.


Thank you, Pete

So, for example

  1. Install Blynk server
  2. Install Blynk client like here http://help.blynk.cc/en/articles/583104-how-to-install-node-js-library-on-linux

Only thing to change blynk-cloud.com and client to address of my server?