Raspberry pi 3 + led strap (rgb) control via blynk

I already set my home automation project using Raspberry + python scripts. I controll it via web page using exec command all works but I find blynk with nice interface and easy to setup ad…

I want to try it and maybe use to control my relay and led strap. Today I will try simple button on off to set gpio high/low. But how to set up led starp to controll brightness and color of the led ? Can I use sliders if yes how to set it up.
I can try do it in python but its lot of work for me becouse I’m beginner.

Hope someone can help me :slight_smile:

Hello. There are any ways to achieve your goal.

For beginners we usually recommend java script example. Here is basic video tutorial with lnks attached - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LJ3ic8C8CcA

If you want to control brightness and color your gonna have a hard time with a raspberry pi. You need PWM pins to control the voltage of the strip. I would recommend a ESP8266-12E, this has a lot of PWM pins you can use. http://dordnung.de/raspberrypi-ledstrip/
This is a tutorial for what you need, however i did not look at the code portion so i don’t know how adapt their brightness.