Questions about the CSV file of a superchart report

Hello everyone!

I am doing some tests with the CSV file that you get when you send a report of the superchart widget, and i have 3 questions regarding data and format.

1. I read that reports are in UTF-16 format, but i don’t have that option in excel when i get the data form the CSV, it seems to work ok, but there is any issue if i choose UTF-8 instead of UTF.16?
2 The first column has the data of the virtual pin, but i can’t format the cells in excel and get the numbers, i have to multiply the column by 1 and that does it, is there other way to get the numbers from the file? by the way i can format the cells in the column with the timestamp without problems
3 What is the third colum of data in the CSV used for? i only get 0s


The format of the CSV files has been discussed many times on the forum. If you do a search you’ll find lots of information about the subject.

It’s also explained here:


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