Quadcopter control in 30 minutes!

Since at the moment I want my quad up in the air ASAP, I consider using this solution to control it. Initially I planned to write my own app which pretty much was simple UDP client sending commands inside packets however due to the lack of time at the moment I will probably use Blynk combined with direct connection introduced in recent library. However since my quad is not a toy and have some serious motors. Could you please tell more a bit about performance of such solution (delay in response to commands etc?) Everything send from the phone will be translated to Multiwii Serial Protocol and send to my flight controller(easy part).

I think you will be able to control the copter without major problems if you have enough flying experience.

Using the local server is recommended (the delay is minimal, I mean really you won’t notice).
Please note that direct-connect is not ready on the App side and will take some time…

Ok in this case when I’m using local server how can I detect on ESP8266 side that it lost range to the router or rather Blynk App because in my scenario I need to implement failsafe on the receiver itself otherwise it won’t trigger and i will lose my copter😜 BTW how are you planning to implement Direct Connect because from what it looks you are implementing server on ESP itself as shown on ESP example, however wouldn’t it be better to implement server on iOS or Android device and have adhoc wifi connection up and running the using mDNS you could advertise server IP and ESP would immiedeatly find it (obviously when its set up as AP, then whenever client connects ESP would try to connect to pre set up mDNS name)?

It might be a nice idea…