Quadcopter control in 30 minutes!

Just created something I really wanted to…

Hubsan X4
+ ESP8266
+ A7105
+ Blynk :smile:

Here is the instructable: http://www.instructables.com/id/Control-quadcopter-from-your-phone-in-20-minutes-E/


wow, that’s awesome… I agree that the direct connection via BLE or WIFI will make such projects more practical… I still have some projects pending, waiting until I can setup a direct connection between ep8266 and blynk ios app… Maybe then also push data from phone to esp8266 such as GPS location, etc…


This looks great :smile:

Just wondering… In the instructables you write that there is yet no joystick for iOS. Isn’t that also the case for Android? i don’t have any joystick :disappointed:

is joystick control missing in my android phone only or all android User didn’t have it ??

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Joysticks ready for Android and iOS but not released yet =). We are on final testing stage, will release soon!

color picker , for android any news ?

im in process of writing a sketch planned for using joystick, so just a question so i can move one with the coding until it is released.
I saw an example in the library. Am i correct when i assume that i can define the value range that the joystick widget will send to BLYNK_WRITE().

e.g if i want the sensitivity of to joystick to be 1-10 in one x-axis and 1-100 in y-axis?


Correct. Both x,y will have min/max defined by you.


Same for color picker. It will be released after joystick. It is also ready, but we haven’t yet time to test it well.

Great. Thank you. Can’t wait :slight_smile:

twitter for example gives access to testers to sharp edge app version , after that they using this data
to take decisions and modify the app . make it easier for them to test and debug.
why you don’t you enable it for google play store.
maybe it will accelerate the development process and enhance the user experience.


The problem is google play doesn’t have anything like this. Or I may be wrong? WE could put APKs but not sure this is good way to go.


i am already doing that with twitter after joining “Twitter for Android Experiment” Google groups page
but what is the mechanism that twitter use and how they implement and test that i don’t No.
here is the links FYI


Yes sure, we’re already discussing it with the team. We have this tester group already.

but as per @Dmitriy it’s not are you in the same team bro @vhymanskyy ?

joking so please declare it so users will join and help

Lol. It was true at the begging but not right now. Anyway idea is good and we’ll try to find some solution. Cause we indeed spending on testing a lot of time.

@Dmitriy @vshymanskyy
Google implement an easier way two days back for Beta and Alpha releases , better than the old way througt Google groups.
here is the links from google with details

Very nicely made, one thing surprises me, we are waiting for the release of new widgets, including the LCD and joysticks
How can you use the joystick, if these have not yet been released, how can we use the joysticks.Had already contacted the makers of Blynk who report that the joysticks and LCD would come soon, no new release after 7 10 2015 Rc4, waiting for RC5?


Hehe… Actually he has been banned from Blynk because of that sketch. He managed to hack it, and they don’t take that very kindly.

No… just kidding. :smile: @vhymansky is a part of the Blynk team :smile:


Is there a release date for the widget joystick and LCD, I’m waiting on the LCD for a project, a Han Radio project. https://m.youtube.com/?#/watch?v=jFb66gs2QXQ, a small peek
from the project.