Quad motor control


Help me, Blynk Community, you’re my only hope.

So I have louvres with 4 motors and I want to use Blynk to control them.

Standard motor stuff, I am using dual L298N and a supported Arduino, OK so I have 8 pins, 2 pins for each motor.


So to open louvre 1, I drive p1 high and p2 low, to close 1, I drive p1 low and p2 high.

Can someone please assist with the Arduino code to do this for four motors?

I have the basics but I can’t get my head around all the timers and loops.

I figure I will use a one-axis joystick to open/close a louvre.



A first step would be to get it work without Blynk. When you are capable of controlling your motors - adding Blynk on top of that is very easy.

Which shield for Internet connection do you use?

Thanks Pavel,it’s a Wicked Wildfire,I have loaded all the libraries and got Blynk to turn on the board’s LED when I push a Blynk button.

I have cabled everything up.

It’s more of question of how I code eight buttons to forward/reverse control four motors in Arduino,I don’t have eight physical buttons to use so I kinda need to start with Blynk?

Can you post your code which can make your motors spin?