QR code không quét được trên app

Xin chào, mình dùng blynk server local bản mới nhất
app blynk trên điện thoại cũng là mới nhất
Gần đây app blynk không quét được mã qr code
khi nhấn vào biểu tượng (Document) hình tờ giấy load qr code đó ra thì load được project, có ai bị như vậy không ạ ?

info server mình:
port: 9443

thanks all


Hello, I used the latest version of blynk local server
Blynk app on the phone is also the latest
Recently the blynk app failed to scan the qr code, scan function not work, camera not detect qr code
when clicking on the Document icon, (the paper icon) I loaded qr code file and the project loaded, does anyone have same problem ?

my server info:
port: 9443

thanks all

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It sounds the same as thyis recent post:


Hi Pete,

Yes, I have just found that theres 2 ways round it for Android.

  1. use the paper icon, they screen shot the code and select from file.
  2. some android users have issues with the QR code scanner for other things too, and if they download an independant Qr scanning app on their phone it will actually pick up the code no problem.

Thats how I’ve now solved it.


Hi John, use 3rd qr code scanner app seem worked for me.