Python - Invalid Auth Token - Blynk IoT

I am getting this Invalid Auth Token issue in my python code in RPI. I am seeing the BLYNK logo coming up, but giving this error message after that. I Copied the Auth Token from the Device Info section for that Device from Web Console.
Few pointers: I did not get any email with Auth Token
I was not able to connect to WIFI when initially I tried to set up the device from Quick Start. Basically it was waiting for the device to come online. So, I was expecting I need to complete first the Authentication from RPI code. But this was not working as explained above. I am stuck.
I also followed the steps mentioned in but here as well to try JAVA Script instead, But here also, I am getting same error - Invalid Auth token.
Kindly help!!

The topic that you posted in was about getting an Invalid Auth Token message when using the (wrong) API call. It wasn’t about using Python, so I’ve moved your post to a new topic.

The instructions you are following are for the Blynk Legacy system, but appear to be using the new Blynk IoT system.

I’d suggest that you search the forum for recent posts regarding the use of MicroPython with Blynk IoT (AKA Blynk 2.0 or New Blynk), and use the latest library.

An alternative is to use Node-Red and install the Blynk IOT contrib.

However, my personal view is that the RPI isn’t a great client device for systems like Blynk, for a variety of different reasons, all of which are associated with the Pi rather than with Blynk.


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