Python GET request( http API) to local server

Hi everyone! I set up my local network Blynk server. It listen on https port 9443. I try to send GET request with presetup SSL certificate, but it always faild to verify it.
I tried in file next settings.

with preinstalled certificates on RPI on server:

server.ssl.key= (Are there something that i have to write here???)
server.ssl.key.pass= (Are there something that i have to write here???)

And self generated with openssl:


And default:


My python3 code:

 http = urllib3.PoolManager(cert_reqs='CERT_REQUIRED', ca_certs='/etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt')
 # http = urllib3.PoolManager(cert_reqs='CERT_REQUIRED', ca_certs=certifi.where()) 

 def set_pin(pin, value):
  r = http.request('GET', 'https://' + blynk_server + '/' + auth_token + "/update/" + str(pin) + "?value=" + str(value))

What i doing wrong?

English or Russian topic, not both please. I removed the RU one as you may get better coverage with this one.

BTW, Blynk Python is in Alpha… not much community support for it at all probably :slight_smile:

Have you looked here?

And based on what it says, you might have to use TCP not SSL

EDIT, in fact it implies that HTTP API is not supported… so I think that is your answer?