Push offline notification

Hi to all,

I,m trying to use push offline notification in Blynk 2.0 but it does’nt work.
In “old” Blynk when a device goes offline you have a push notification (after selected time period) also if your phone is blocked.
In new Blynk, (Blynk.console->templates->events ) offline (and online) event are not editables.
What am I missing?
I’m using iOS


To be clearer,
this is what i see on my phone when an “old blynk” device goes offline:

Is it possible to do the same thing with the “new blynk”?

Yes. Please check mobile app “Person icon” → “Settings” → “Notify when device goes offline”. We’ll need to move to events some day. That’s a legacy part.

Thanks! now it works!

In fact, it seemed odd that such an important thing was no longer supported.
I think it should be in blynk.console-> templates-> events, but still the user should have the ability to enable / disable this feature.

thank you very much again

Yes. Totally agree. We somehow missed that part.

has this been moved to the template?

It seems I cannot enable notifications for the system “Offline” event

I cannot enable the “Enable notifications” button


No You can turn it on in the settings menu app - notification channels - devices - notify when device goes offline.

thx, I can work with that but pity it cannot be set for all devices in one go in the template

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can notification set on some time (egg some minute after offline) like previous version?

Take a look at the Offline Ignore Period in Template > Settings


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ok , thanks, its work

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