Push Notifications not working IOS

Hello all! I need to share information about issue. On latest beta versions of blynk don’t working push notifications in IOS app. But in blynk version 0.6.1 push working very well

Hardware nodemcu v3 Blynk server
Blynk ios app v 2.26.6(1)
smartphone: iphone xs ios 14.4

Yes, the beta version of the Blynk library shouldn’t be used unless you are a member of the testing team for the “Blynk 2.0” software.

Stick with library version 0.6.1




@PeteKnight , can you please confirm if:

  • the 1.0.1 lib version fixed the “notification not working” issue? (on my offline local server for some reason notifications are not working)

  • the 0.6.1 lib version needs internet for notification on local server or not?

thank you!

Notifications work totally differently in Blynk IoT. You should stick with version 0.6.1 with Legacy.

Notifications in Legacy use a Google messaging service, and you need an internet connection for them to work.


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i see. thanks!
so practically there is no workaround to have notifications on offline server?

I can’t think of one I’m afraid.