Push notifications not working and DNS issue


My HW sends a push notification when we (me and and my wife) leave home and if some of lights are still ON. Until couple of weeks it use to work. But recently it stopped working. I can confirm that my HW is running and sending notification. But stillI dont get any push notification.

My phone - Google Nexus 5x. Project access is shared with my wife and I dont see any notification there too… She uses Iphone 7.

A point just to mention about Geo DNS. Recently I changed DNS IP of my router and accordingly I changed the IP of my project and
-> Lost my whole project.
-> History data is lost
-> Most importently I lost some energy too …

Hello. Thanks for reporting. But already fixed :slight_smile:. Will be in next update. Sorry for inconveniences.

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Hi, Thanks for quick reply. Is this an issue on app…?
Will be waiting for the update.


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@RaPo please check latest update.

Hi it seems push notifications are working on Android phone. Still not on IPhone.