Push notification ios 15.3.1 Blynk 2.0 stop work

work a simple project on new console blynk 2.0 after couple of month the push notification stop working and i see it only in the timeline

BLYNK_WRITE(DctivateButtonPin) {
  if (param.asInt()==1) { // virtual pin V6 goes LOW when pressed in the app, goes LOW when released.
    digitalWrite(DctivateDoorPin, LOW);
    Serial.println("GARAGE 2");
    terminal.println("GARAGE 2 open");
    //Blynk.("GARAGE 2 open!"); this is old
    digitalWrite(DctivateDoorPin, HIGH);
    Blynk.virtualWrite(DctivateButtonPin, LOW);

@tzo_mats please edit your post, using the pencil icon at the bottom, and add triple backticks at the beginning and end of your code so that it displays correctly.
Triple backticks look like this:


You have the Event Counter set to 100
This means that the first 99 events that should trigger the notification will be ignored, then you’ll get one notification, then the next 99 events will be ignored.
And, as there is a limit of 100 events per device per 24 hour period, you’ll really struggle to get any notifications at all.

Set the Event counter back to 1

This is what the help for this says…

Limits number of notifications to one notification for a specified time period.
Example: 1hr 20min range means end-users will only get one notification within 1 hour 20 minutes even if hardware or API sends more.

Notification will be sent after a specified number of events was received. After threshold is met, the counter resets.
Example: if the counter is set to 10 and device sends 100 notifications, the user would only get 10 notifications (each 10th ignoring those 9 in between)

Examples above were given for cases when one of the settings is enabled.

You can set Notifications Limits by both settings simultaneously.
Example: set Limit Period to 2h 00min and Event Counter to 120. This means that the user will get only 1 notification after the first 119 notifications during the period of 2 hours. When the period of 2 hours is passed you’ll get an additional notification after 119 events were sent.


thank you that was it, i had changed it in my attempt to find out why the notification had stopped

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