Push Notification intermittent

I have a project I am testing that will send me Push Notifications. During the testing of my code all was working as expected. Overnight, I got a few messages that my project had disconnected. All seemed to be fine this morning except I could not get Push Notifications to work unless i deleted the widget and then added it back in to my dashboard. Has anyone else ever had this happen?
I am using an iPhone 6, V 9.1, latest Blynk library, Arduino Mega 2560, Arduino ether shield.

@mpo881 I have had this today and on previous occasions but to be honest I’m not 100% sure I understand how all the related features should work and what happens when the Smartphone is ‘sleeping’.

What I have found today is that my Android sounds like an orchestra at times with loads of PUSH messages arriving at the same time that appear to have been delayed from some time earlier.

Does notify when hardware goes offline need to be enabled to receive general push messages? I think not but PUSH seems more reliable when this is enabled.

What does keep screen always on do? Perhaps stop the smartphone WiFi from sleeping?

@Costas, Thanks for your reply. What you point out is how I got started investigating things this morning. After noticing the disconnect issues, I went to docs.blynk to look things over and hopefully gain a better understanding. I changed the Notify when hardware goes offline to “OFF”. Because at least during the testing phase, I dont want to be woke up all night. I changed- Send Even if App is in Background to “ON”. That would seem to me that if the first is off, I will not be bothered with messages about the hardware dropping the connection, but I will still get my blynk.notify messages even if the app is in the background?
It was then I realized that none of the messages were working. So, after resetting and reloading my sketch several times, I figured I would delete the widget and start over. Presto, that fixed it. Weird for sure.
Sorry you had issues too, but at least I am glad to know it is not unique to me (meaning at least it is probably not in my code).
I guess we shall see if others post to this thread that they had the same problem. I plan on rebuilding the code to run on a Wemos mini at some point. So I was trying to iron out any issues before I add wifi to the mix!

Is Send Even if App is in Background specific to iPhone as I don’t think I have ever seen it with Android?

It must be, because if you check out the docs page, they show the option for Notify when Hardware goes offline and an option for PRIORITY, High or Low
Here is a screen shot of the widget settings in my iPhone

Our Android screenshot looks like the doc pages (no send even if app is in backgound). I guess they are the same thing (high priority on Android and send when app is in background on iPhone).

I am not sure about that? It almost seems they are different. When I read the docs info-
“Priority” - high priority gives more chances that your message will be delivered without any delays. See detailed explanation here.
But yet the way I understand the widget settings on the iPhone, SEND EVEN IF APP IS IN BACKGROUND would seem to be a different scenario.
Maybe the Blynk guys could weigh in on this when they have time? Your original point however is well taken-

Our discussion proves that!

Yes. HIGH priority means send even app in background.

Ok, thanks Dmitriy. The wording in the docs had me confused.

@mpo881 regarding intermittent - we will have a look. At the moment it is hard to say what is wrong. Personally I haven’t saw such issues and I’m using push for few months.

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The issue may relate to your update frequency. Blynk server allows ~1 notification/minute.
It may block your device if it try to send multiple push message.