Push notification in blynk

How to push notification when blynk button is pressed please help me
example I’ve pushed the button then immediately blynk will notify me like “button is pressed”
Thanks in advance!

Did you try the example in sketch builder?

Yes, but it doesn’t work I’m just a beginner sir please help me.

It’s unlikely that you’ll find anyone to write your code for you, especially as the system that you’re trying to create does not have any obvious purpose - which means that you’ll then want to expand it to do other things - which inst possible if you don’t understand at least some basic C++ programming.

The example in the SketchBuider uses a physical switch connected to GPIO 2 (which is different to pin D2). Get that working well, then look at how the BLYNK_WRITE(virtualpin) function works. If you get stuck combining the codes then post what you have and we’ll coach you.


Okay sir thank you.

Can I use virtual pin to push a notification?

You can use a widget connected to a virtual pin to trigger a push notification, yes.


Okay sir, I made it thank you.