Push Notification 15 Second Limitation?

Hi, I have a question about the Push Notification 15 second limitation.

When event occurs, Blynk.notify() sends a notification. However the notification will only be sent every 15 seconds.

If another event happens again within the 15 seconds after the first notification was sent; what will happen?

  1. No notification is sent if it happens within the 15 seconds, or
  2. The notification is sent after 15 seconds have elapsed?

I have a project that is nearly complete to monitor a door, however if the door was opened/closed within 15 seconds would I get the second notification?


Not from the cloud server.

Thnx, thats what I thought, not ideal. Might have to think about how I create notification is this occurs.

You have to think more about ensuring your project doesn’t try to notify you within 15 seconds or you run the risk of not receiving any notifications for “spamming” the network.

If you had your own server there would be no 15 second limit, notifications as often as you like.

I’m still coming to terms with arduino and widgets . . . local server might be some time off . . .


Me too.
Its not as easy as a lot of people on here make it look. I struggle for days with the simplest of things as I’m too embarrassed to ask openly for help. I get so frustrated sometimes I feel like giving up and going back to what I know best, bricks and mortar. But, I’m still here, bumbling my way through it all …