Purchasing Energy (via PayPal on an iOS device)

Is there a way to purchase energy packs via paypal? I do not have a credit card and will not get one. So unless I can somehow buy them in some other way, looks like I will have to go back to Cayenne.

I always love how people add in these “incentives” to get their questions answered :wink:

@Robert_Menard Have you considered looking at setting up your payment options over on Google Play itself??

I am on an IPhone, so when I try to purchase it sends me to the iTunes store automatically. I do not understand how to use Google to purchase. I can set it up to pay with paypal, but how do I get the energy packs that I buy in Google into my iTunes account?

Appreciate your help!

I don’t have an iPhone, so can’t be sure about this, but that might be normal for purchasing energy while in a IOS device… But in that case it is probably a similar situation… you need to setup PayPal as a payment option in your iTunes store account.

I edited your title to include the relevant information.

Using a local server allows you to allocate yourself unlimited energy… just throwing it out there.

How do I do that, oh wise and kind sir?

Local Server runs on Java, and is typically installed on Linux based devices like the Raspberry Pi, but can also be installed on Linux, Apple and even Windows PC’s.

Be aware that while it is relatively simple to install, it is considered an advanced user process for all the tweaking that can sometimes be required.

just go to top of this page > docs > ctrl+f > blynk server

(ok, @Gunner was faster :slight_smile: )

Please send me your login email via private message.