Pump not switch On Blynk+NodeRed

Hi! everyone. Thanks for accepting me into the community…

I have two applications with Blynk for home heating control.
Exchange is done with Node Red.
All values read and write correctly between the two devices, but I have a problem turning on the pump.
Node Red correctly switches the switch on status of the pump from the thermostat to the boiler, on the blynk dasbooard I see the switch commute from 0 to 1 but the pump does not switch on. And how the VirtualWrite event didn’t fire inside the code.

BLYNK_WRITE(V20)  // Manual/Auto selection
  if (param.asInt()==1) {
    Blynk.setProperty (V13,"color",BLYNK_YELLOW) ;  
    Blynk.virtualWrite(V13, "MANUALE");   
  } else {

    Blynk.setProperty (V13,"color",BLYNK_GREEN) ;
    Blynk.virtualWrite(V13, "AUTOMATICO");


2023-02-12 16_10_57-Node-RED _|679x500

BLYNK_WRITE is a function called every time the device gets an update of the virtual pin value from the server or app. Unfortunately, the write node will not cause the BLYNK WRITE() function to be called. Instead, you can use the https node to trigger the BLYNK WRITE() function using API.

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It tests very messy when you try to use Node-Red with Blynk and you also use Blynk code on your devices.

I have two home automation systems built around Node-Red and Blynk, but none of the dozens of devices I have attached to each system run any Blynk code.
Instead, all communication with devices takes place using MQTT messaging, and the ONLY point of contact between my HA system and Blynk is through Node-Red.


Thanks, do you have a link to the documentation or an example implementation?

Of course…


Fixed with http API call… Thanks.


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