Project with NodeMCU/water sensors and Sonoff switches/solenoid valves. Recommendable to do with Blynk?

I wanted to use the digital output of 5 to 10 sensors of this kind
with NodeMCU.

I want to set the rule if water is reckognized then switch of a pump.

Also I want to timely control solenoid valves with preset rules, probably with something like sonoff switches.

My question: Is it recommendable to do such (complicated?) rules with Blynk or should I use a home automation system like OpenHab2?

I am a bit unsure, as I dont really know the functionality of Blynk. But it seems quicker to do, especially with the ESP8266 stuff. With OpenHab2 I would need to use ESPEasy and MQTT for the NodeMcus to work.

Hello. Yeah. Why not. We have Eventor widget where you can specify all these rules and change them when necessary.

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