Project to app

how can i convert my blynk project into App using ardiuno ide with node mcu esp8266 board. As far i searched, i was guided to use the below example code but still getting error

Go to my apps in Blynk app and create a App Preview.
Then it will redirect you to a page where you can choose a plan according to your need and then sign up and follow the next steps.
Or follow this link

its not about choosing plans. Am using arduino and facing problem while making into app by using template esp8266 , am getting errors on Serial monitor and network is not identified. Can you help me to get rid off my problem

You are aware that Arduino and ESP8266 are totally different devices, right?

Perhaps you should start out with a much clearer description along with full code and hardware details of what you are needing assistance with.

yes am using Node mcu board and using arduino ide. i created a blynk project successfully with arduino ide. But while converting from project to app. We need to use esp8266 template there am facing issue and network is not recognized as well serial monitor is printing some garbage values and statements.

OK, you were referencing the IDE not an Arduino board… thank you for the clarification.

As for the rest, sorry, I can’t help… I have no interest/info in Blynk’s commercial side.

But… short of others resorting to mind reading, you need get a bit more detailed about whatever “issues” you are having, then perhaps someone else might be able to assist.

Can you share some screenshots of serial monitor and errors you are facing

I am unaware of such errors, I have seen it for the first time. can you email me your .ino file on so that if possible I can help you more.

the file is sent to your mail.

I will take a look.

Check your email