Project of Sensor under ESP32

Good Morning.

I’ve already have a product launch to the industrial market , that using BLE, WIFI & Etc to made API for integrations.

Now, some clients want’s to using also cloud. So I think to use blynk as server place.
The problem I found is regard with the “bloking” calls. All the softwre is alredy done (severall thousand of code) using noy bloking methods (Because sensors must be read every second). The problem I have is to use Blynk in the main stream of the program because, even if I use config instead begin, the connect and also the run is a bloking procedure.

My question is: For now I’ll check to using blink on a secondary thread over core 0 of ESP32, but in the future I want move to completely non blocking operations. Do you have any description of the protocol using against the server to implement myself in non bloking way? Of course I can check against the library but I’t will take a lot of time. to do, so maybe to know the protocol speed up all the procedure.

Thanks a lot

Jorge Ignacio Contreras Ramire from “DUran” lectronica.

Hi - I use an ESP32 solely for the blynk protocol and the connections. I have a different processor for the time critical functions, so they never lock up. If one processor goes down, the other has the ability to halt other hardware that may cause an issue.

I know it isn’t your question but this is how I am doing things. Just use your serial port on the ESP as a comms from the other processor and then send back an ACK along with any info from the bkynk server. :slight_smile:

Oh, and if there is no ACK, the main processor can also reset the ESP and vice versa.