Project goes offline and online connected via ESP8266


I am connecting arduino uno to my iphone hotspot via esp8266 the esp is connected with my iphone as the serial monitor and iphone shows. The problem is when I try to control an LED with blynk the project goes online and offline all the time on blink app. I sometime I can control the led and turn it on and off with some delay but it goes offline again and the online by it self .
I am using Blink Blynk example.


please someone help me

I need it for final year school project and the due date is approaching

well first off, check the pins on the arduino to whch you connected the esp. Mainly check what their function is and whether your using the wrong ones (just google arduino pin out).
Next you could consider ditching the arduino entirely and connecting the led straight onto the esp, that way you have less to worry about.

Thanks for replying

I checked the Arduino connection so many times. It is exactly same as what in the internet. I need the Esp to be connected with Arduino because i have many input and output to control. I used LED only for test
I am still trying but same problem.

Search this forum for keywords Arduino, UNO, ESP-01… many topics already full of advice and information. Pay particular attention to power needs.

Arduino 3.3 volt out can not provide enough amps to run esp module. I had this problem before. You can try ams117, step down circuits or LM317 dc voltage regulator.

My esp8266 is working on LM317T now.

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Thanks guys

I tried to connect it to 3.3V- 5Ams Power supply but I am having same problem

Could you please show me the circuit
I will try to build it

@fahad There is this wonderful thing called G :eyes: GLE