Project disappears from app

• Raspberry pi zero
• Samsung S6 + Android 6
• Local server: 0.40.0
• Blynk Library version: Python v0.1.3

Two days in a row, my project just disappears from app when i disconnect from my wifi network and enable mobile data. By the time i reconnet back to my local server everything is deleted from my dash board.

Is anyone having this issue?

Sounds like what happens when your server version is too old compared to the App. Always keeps checking the Local Server version and updating it accordingly.

Not to mention your ancient Library version… current is 0.5.4. You need to also keep it up to date… all three (App, Server, Library) work together and thus need to stay current.

Aha…0.40.0 was the latest a few days ago when i updated my server. Yet i having the issue so that leaves the library. Tell me again, how do i update my library?

I think your OP then contained a mix-up on which version was which :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Follow the link I provided above… then follow the update directions.

My Blynk library appears to be up to date. I think i failed to mention that i am using the python Blynk library as node js is not my language.

OK, I updated your first post with what I think is now proper info :thinking:

Now, back to your issue… all Widget data in the App is actually stored on the server… so if you are now all (App, LS, Lib) updated and are not using the BETA version of the App… perhaps your server install is uniquely or improperly installed? Overwriting it’s data files? etc.

You can also try clearing the App data/cache and if that doesn’t work, completely uninstalling and reinstalling the App.

Clearing the App data/cache fixed the problem. Good looking out @Gunner

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