Project deleten

If I delete a Project, will I get the Energy back?
Or can they always be used once, even if I remove a Project again.


I do not have any projects.
But my Energy Balance is 0
How do I get it back now ???

Did you share any projects as that costs 1000 units and is not refundable?

No, i did not share.

Provide details of what you did and we might be able to work out what happened to the 2000 energy units.


I have made a test project to see my UNO board working through my Iphone 6
Then I loaded project project into the Arduino-Uno and created a button and terminal in the Blynk app.
I have probably done something wrong so that my Energy is gone. Can I get it back in a way, or should I buy new ones?


What does this mean?

number of letters used in this letter.

You could try deleting the account and recreating it.

Alternatively if you have access to more than one email address, create a new account.

When I create a new account I get the message that this mail address exists.

That’s why I said delete it and recreate.

I have in the Blynk app. on my iphone there is no option to delete my account.

Can I ask did you just have the 2000 free energy units or have you previously bought energy?

I have not bought anything yet, because I was still testing and trying.

It looks like passwords can be changed but accounts can’t be deleted by end users.

Perhaps send a DM with your email address to @Dmitriy and he should be able to reinstate the 2000 units or delete the account for you to start again.