Progetto door bell arduino mega + ethernet shield 2

hello to all I want to connect the doorbell intercom with a 12V output with Arduino and Blynk notification. the hardware part such as to be connected? I 2-wire, 12v positive and a negative of the doorbell. I found this code

// You Should get Auth Token in the Blynk App.
// Go to the Project Settings (icon nut).
auth char [] = “YourAuthToken”;

SimpleTimer timer;

WidgetLCD LCD (V1);

void setup ()
Serial.begin (9600);
Blynk.begin (auth);

while (Blynk.connect () == false) {
// Wait until connected
notifyOnButtonPress void ()
// Invert been, since button is “Active LOW”
int = isButtonPressed! digitalRead (2);
if (isButtonPressed) {
BLYNK_LOG (“Button is pressed.”);

Blynk.notify (“Please open up! Somebody is on the door!”);
lcd.clear (); // Use it to clear the LCD Widgets

I tried to put the pin 2 input to 5v dell’arduino nn but I get no notification.
can you help me? Thank you so much!!

@luccio you need to format your sketches when you post them so we can read them (see </> button. But in your case there is very little to see.

Have you manually installed the 4 obligatory libraries required to use Blynk because none of the libraries appear in your sketch.

You have included the LCD widget but the only reference you use is to clear it.

Have you added the PUSH notification widget to your project?